EVLV Management is committed to being a leader in Business Support Services.

EVLV Management is a startup born in Oakland, California. We were born out of a desire to create a network of support for Small Businesses and medium sized organizations. EVLV Management believes in providing tailored support to all our clients in order to meet their needs. No business or organization is the same and we do not operate with a cookie cutter mentality; by working together we create a harmonious environment and foster a business relationship based on communication and transparency. We emphasize the importance of inter-departmental leadership to all team members of our organization. The practices of our operation are approved by our founder with input from our team of coordinators and managers, all of our success, including YOURS is based on team effort.


Maria Rodriguez, MBA

Our Founder and Chief Executive Officer is an Oakland native with a knack for creating and building ideas from the ground up. Working at several Oakland school's, Maria shared her love of learning with youth and encouraged them to be unafraid to think outside the box. Professionally, Maria has managed teams in Non-profit and profit sectors where she led her team to achieve career and individual goals. Maria has had the privilege to receive personal development support and career coaching from executive leaders in well known organizations; a practice she has implemented in her own life; working with all her team members to develop and highlight their individual skills and talents. 

Maria has taken hold of every opportunity made available to her to be successful. In 2015, Maria earned her Bachelor's degree in Sociology from San Francisco State. While working on her senior thesis focusing on decreasing homelessness amongst LGBT youth, Maria identified lack of community support as the main cause of adversity and struggle amongst youth. While completing her Business Management courses at Mills College, Maria identified a key component in failing Oakland businesses-lack of support. Maria realized the only way to survive is through the support of a network of individuals and organizations who are invested in seeing one another succeed and evolve. And so, EVLV Management was born to build a network of small businesses with a shared need to succeed.